Transcends named as one among the Top 10 Retail Security Solution Providers 2016 by Retail CIO Outlook

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Transcends named as one among the Top 10 Retail Security Solution Providers 2016 by Retail CIO Outlook

End-to-end Visibility for Retail Inventory Management
Article written by Retail CIO Outlook (Page 30)

The proliferation of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Internet of Things (IoT) has started to exert a major influence in the retail arena, where each manufactured item passing through the conveyor is being tracked throughout their production and subsequent life cycle to record the inventory movement and readily identify the missing items. Retailers require an unprecedented collaboration, connectivity and coordination from each self-aware sensors, to have a complete visibility on the item level—how many products are being produced, what items are being shipped, what products are currently available and missing out in their warehouse and more. Applying the right security solutions at every level of retail supply chain, Transcends, a provider of sensor based software, connects the RFID reader and sensor network to analyze information in realtime, minimize inventory losses, improve customer satisfaction and increase sales. “At Transcends, our mission is to make RFID implementations simple for a variety of business uses, from manufacturing and work-in-progress, to asset tracking and inventory control,” says Brian Pause, VP of Business Development & Product Management, Transcends……Read the full article here.  Please forward the article on to any interested parties.

FREMONT. CA—July 28, 2016—Transcends has been selected as one of the Top 10 Retail Security Solution Providers 2016 by Retail CIO Outlook.

“It’s a great honor to announce Transcends as one of the Top 10 Retail Security Solution Providers 2016 as it helps enterprises to achieve successful RFID implementations by providing business solutions that deliver a solid return on investment,” said Katie William, Managing Editor of Retail CIO Outlook. “Transcends delivers RFID and sensor-based software, easy to deploy appliances, simple integration platforms and business solutions for manufacturing, research and development, retail and industrial enterprises.”

Retail CIO Outlook ranked Transcends based on its wide range of products such as RFID-enabled servers and appliances to help you develop and implement successful RFID solutions. RFID products, patterns and expertise can be applied not just to readers, but to other sensors like security cameras, WiFi and beacons. It integrates with existing data and retrieves information from product catalogs, customer master files, analytics, and consumer behavior or legacy systems. The RIFIDI® Edge Server connects the Internet of Things (RFID and sensors) with people who use handhelds, mobile devices, social media and the cloud. RIFIDI® Pi Embedded Appliance easily integrates with sensor solution and provides the benefits of a edge server with very low power consumption, it plugs into network either Ethernet or Wifi through optional USB adapter, and fully integrates with cloud & social media.

About Retail CIO Outlook
Published from Fremont, California, Retail CIO Outlook is a technology magazine, which gives information about new enterprise solutions that helps the technology, and business leaders to achieve business goals. A panel of experts and board members of Retail CIO Outlook magazine finalized the “Top 10 Retail Security Solution Providers 2016” and shortlisted the best vendors and consultants in the Retail industry. For more information visit:

Transcends Product Roadmap Update

Transcends constantly improves, updates and enhances our robust, open source Rifidi product to better meet users’ needs. Candidate features for our next release, based on feedback from clients, community, projects, forums, collaborations and partnerships, include the following.

  • Full support for ALE 1.1 (Application Level Events) interface
  • Floor plan/Google Map sensor management dashboard
  • Integration with visualizations/dashboards/analytic tools
  • Pure configurable Rifidi Apps (no coding required)
  • Rifidi App marketplace
  • Rifidi App provisioning enabled via OSGi P2 infrastructure 
  • Support for other Java IDEs such as NetBeans
  • Framework upgrades/additions (Spring, Maven and Provisioning)
  • Further security integration
  • Additional features based on suggestions from community

Accelerate your IoT adoption with RIFIDI®. Connect your RFID reader and sensor network. Analyze you sensor information in real-time and over time. Optimize your business processes. Integrate with the enterprise. Differentiate your products, solutions and organization. By utilizing the Power of RIFIDI®, the possibilities are boundless across many verticals (retail, healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, recreational) from global enterprises to local small and medium sized businesses.

Transcends’ Current Products and Solutions

Thank you for all the contributions and support.  We look forward to continuing to work with the RFID community to bring innovative, valuable business solutions to the market.
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