The RIFIDI® Edge Server connects the Internet of Things (RFID and sensors) with people who use handhelds, mobile devices, social media and the cloud. Our active community, partners and customer base have made the Rifidi Edge Server the most used RFID software platform in the global marketplace, with more than 95,000 downloads in over 145 countries. Rifidi has been used in healthcare, retail, manufacturing and logistics, and can be used in any vertical.

At Transcends, our mission is to make RFID implementations simple. All our Business Solutions are now available on Windows and Linux. Details on pricing and product specifications are below. Comprehensive end-to-end solutions and pre-built solution components ensure quick turnarounds and maximize your ROI. If you have a new business problem, or if you need help building a customized business solution, please contact us.

We have seen countless RFID use cases and our expert engineers have solved some of the toughest RFID challenges. Let Transcends help you address difficult implementation tasks, or accelerate your development project. Future-proof your solution with an existing, proven infrastructure product, so you can focus on developing your high-value business application, writing business solutions specific to your situation. Rifidi supports a wide variety of readers now, and if you use different readers or sensors in the future our adapter layer makes writing a new interface easy.

Download the RIFIDI® Edge Server brochure here



  • Low cost and lower TCO
  • Easy to install, Easy to use
  • Accelerates RFID application development and integration
  • Scalable, high-performance platform
  • JDK 1.7 or greater (32 bit)
  • Ubuntu Linux or Windows
  • 512 MB RAM, 200 MB disk space
  • Lightweight, high performance platform based on OSGi and Java
  • Standards-based Reader Plug-ins and API
  • RFID customization of high performance CEP/ESP Engine (Esper is a trademark of a EsperTech Inc.
  • Built with module update and hot deploy features
  • Easy integration using REST, MQTT, JMS, ALE, AWS, Cloud
  • Alien 8800, Alien 9800, AWID 2010, AWID 3014, ThingMagic, Impinj, Motorola Fixed/Handhelds, FEIG, Honeywell, Thinkify, Handheld and Smartphone Adapter, bar code devices, extensible custom Sensor API and all LLRP compliant readers.

Why RIFIDI® Edge Server? – Connect the Internet of Things with People (Handheld, Mobile, Social Media, Cloud) – $3,000 1st year/$2,000 each consecutive year (per Rifidi JVM instance up to 10 readers – 5% for each additional)


“When developing our RFID system we worked closely with Transcends RIFIDI who provided us with great advice and an interface between the reader and our database. As we were new to RFID it was very helpful to work with a company that provided personal support. It was also very important for us to have a customized solution for our exact needs. With the RIFIDI interface in place we began field testing our RFID system and it worked very well. We achieved multiple tag reads at speeds far higher than a mountain biker could achieve in a mountain bike park.”

David GrimsdellSniper Action Photo, Head of Operations

“Over the past year we have been leveraging Transcends consulting services and support to deliver a RFID tool crib solution using the Rifidi Box product for one of our Fortune 50 customers. The solution has proven to be critical in both enabling business process improvements in managing high value tools within the facility as well as demonstrating to business senior management the value RFID can bring to future implementations across business units.”

Jonathan GregoryRFID Program Manager for a Fortune 500 consulting company

“We are very excited about the new Rifidi Edge 1.2 release and its enhanced support of the Impinj Speedway Revolution and Speedway xPortal RFID readers through the industry-standard EPCglobal Low Level Reader Protocol. We continue to see an increasing number of Impinj customers around the world building integrated business solutions on top of this innovative open source platform.”

Daniel BowmanSenior Project Manager, Impinj

“We’ve been using Rifidi suite for a while now, and it has not only helped us a lot as an emulating tool, but it has also proved to be an easy and reliable middleware. We started off using Rifidi Emulator for our development cycles and then starting using Rifidi Edge Server. Instead of long and complicated adjustments to what we thought was our own middleware, we decided to switch to Rifidi Edge Server”.

Daniel GomezProject Manager, IDlink

UbiU says it expects to leverage Pramari’s software for tracking customers, clothes and jewelry for inventory, management, and sales applications. “As the Korean RFID market is growing, so is the demand for middleware in various industries,” UbiU sales manager Brian Son said in a prepared statement. “Many companies are reluctant to buy costly solutions and will find Pramari’s open-source products very attractive. Middleware will soon become a must have in every RFID system. UbiU is actively promoting Pramari’s Rifidi product and preparing sales activities.”

Brian SonSales Manager, UbiU