The Internet Of Things And Role Transcends Powered By Rifidi Plays

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The Internet of Things and Role Transcends Powered by Rifidi Plays

As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to evolve and mature, we at Transcends have learned more about how our solutions and the Rifidi platform add value to end users. Out of the box (based on our Radio Frequency IDentification roots) we provide a way for users to capture and interpret business data.

Our RFID edge processing/middleware product filters and translates RFID reader information into users’ sensor driven infrastructure, interpreting business events according to user specified criteria. Transcends solutions can provide notification when an asset arrives or departs from a specified sensor “read zone,” which can help users locate valuable equipment in manufacturing or R&D settings, or prevent shoplifting in retail settings.

Leveraging our platform, which is flexible and extensible, the same framework can be applied to other sensors for a wide variety of business purposes. Here are a few key areas where Transcends solutions and our Rifidi platform add value. Already widely utilized in the RFID industry, the same platform can address similar Internet of Things solutions.

Tailor Precisely for Security Concerns

Our products provide users with flexibility and a choice about the appropriate level of exposure risk for their sensor data. The edge boundary could be in the cloud, on the premises, or even within a specific area like a shelf or desktop. The location of the “edge” is defined by the end user’s concerns about where the relevant events occur and how responsive they should be. Users determine the benefits versus the risks, and users choose the security exposure threshold that fits their business needs.

Leveraging the Internet of Things is of value only if users are able to respond to sensor events in a reliable, precise manner. For example, there is little value in automating the security of retail assets if store security personnel aren’t alerted and the shoplifter leaves the store. With Transcends’ solutions, users can tailor the response according to the amount of precision required by the business case. As an example, patterns of retail asset behavior such as several items leaving a shelf within a few seconds can be used to more precisely predict shoplifting.

Address the Skill Set Gap Affordably

Users who are new to the Internet of Things and need to implement a solution fast, without a steep learning curve, value Transcends’ Rifidi platform because it significantly accelerates time to market. In addition, it provides common implementation patterns across IoT uses, lowering maintenance costs and freeing up resources to focus on higher level business functionality.

  • The Rifidi platform provides a common interface for all sensors or readers used in developing business solutions (application program interface/API.) 
  • Rifidi emulates RFID readers in software, so there’s no longer a need to purchase physical devices for learning or for developing solutions – which means faster, more cost effective training.
  • Transcends and its Rifidi platform are part of a mature community with a repeatable, trusted and reliable way to deliver sensor driven solutions.
  • Being open source and building on open industry standards reduces the learning curve, eliminating the need to have specialized, hard to find and sometimes very expense skill sets – providing access to a larger, global talent pool.

Ensure User Solutions Stay Current

Scalability, adaptability, maintainability and flexibility are key words in the software development world, and particularly in the fast-changing Internet of Things. Transcends’ products provide users with the ability to scale a business solution over time, as the volume of sensors grows. This brings solutions to market faster and maximizes return on investment. Transcends builds on open software and IoT industry standards to ensure users can adapt quickly to changing business needs and opportunities. As IoT continues to evolve, Transcends customers aren’t locked into a black box proprietary solution.

Thanks to Transcends lightweight platform approach, Rifidi products can be deployed across a wide spectrum of appliances, from embedded devices, to enterprise class servers, to the cloud. Transcends also ensures backward compatibility between versions, so users’ solutions will not be quickly outdated or need expensive, time consuming replacements. Transcends platform architecture takes a building block approach, below. This ensures that user needs are met today, while providing the foundation to further evolve and adapt as business needs change.

Transcends’ Current Products and Solutions

Thank you for all the contributions and support.  We look forward to continuing to work with the RFID community to bring innovative, valuable business solutions to the market.

Transcends Product Development Team

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