Internet of Things (IoT) Model: Where is Your Organization and How RIFIDI® Can Accelerate

recently attended the RFID Journal Live 2014 event in Orlando, FL and one messaging shift I observed this year was how the RFID industry was starting to align themselves with the Internet of Things (IoT).

I figured it would be a good idea to provide a framework for how we at Transcends perceive IoT from a maturity model perspective and how the Rifidi platform can help accelerate one’s adoption.

Basically the model steps one through how organizations can benchmark where they currently stand across their products and services and think through a roadmap on how to continue to grow and mature.

The model starts with the concept of devices/machines/things are connected with the ability to communicate. Next these machines are capable of being serviced via these connections. As machines are serviceable one can now move into the space of analyzing the data to provide business insights and predictions. These data streams can be leveraged to optimize existing business processes and provide a foundation for new use cases. Finally organizations can be in the position to differentiate products and services providing a competitive advantage and new business models

How does the Rifidi platform fit and add value.

Simply put, RIFIDI®  connects your RFID reader and sensor network, Analyzing sensor information real-time and over time, Optimizing business processes and Integrating with the enterprise. Ultimately, Differentiating your products, solutions and organization.

  • Connected: Rifidi connects many different RFID readers out of the box, and allows to extend connectivity to any sensors utilizing the sensor API.
  • Serviceable – Rifidi also provides the required infrastructure for maintaining connectivity, custom define connectivity and dynamically configure based on business and infrastructure events.
  • Intelligence: Rifidi utilizes a rules engine to turn sensor data into business events integration with your Big Data and Analytics Strategy
  • Optimized: Rifidi integrates with business processes and existing systems in various ways: Cloud, Databases, WebServices, JMS etc.
  • Differentiated: A Rifidi system offers many out-of-the box components accelerating 80% of your solution but is also highly customizable via Rifidi SDK using technology standards to bridge the gap on the remaining 20%.

In summary, with the growing number of RFID devices and sensors in the world the types of solutions and applications are boundless and only limited by your imagination.  The real question at hand now is IF your Things could Talk what would you want them to Say?

We look forward to continue working with the RFID community to bring innovative solutions to market and continue to evolve the RIFIDI platform roadmap as IoT  grows further and matures.

Note : Concepts for IoT Maturity Model were referenced from  Maturity Model and Value Curve for M2M and IOT

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