Transcends Announces RIFIDI® 3.3 Public Release. Includes Key Feature RIFIDI Enterprise Management Dashboard

Transcends is proud to announce the RIFIDI® 3.3 public release, further “Connecting the Internet of Things (IoT) with People”. This release was made possible through client implementations, the RIFIDI open source community feedback, surveys, forums and our dedicated global engineering team. A key feature of the release is the new Enterprise RifidiI®  Management Dashboard. The dashboard user interface (UI) now enables end users to manage a collection of Rifidi Edge Server nodes throughout the enterprise along with associated sensor and Rifidi application configurations. The UI is foundational for providing sensor event mashups, analytic visualizations, integration with the physical world via Google Maps/floor plans and a Rifidi application marketplace. For more about how this dashboard works, see the “details” section below.
Highlights of the new features in the RIFIDI® Edge Server release:

Details: Enterprise RifidiI®  Management Dashboard

The key components of the enterprise-wide dashboard we added with this release – and how they improve ease of use – are summarized below.

  • Edge Server Node Management – Let’s you monitor multiple Rifidi Edge server nodes across the enterprise to see connection states, properties, sensors and applications.
  • Sensor Management – Provides an interface to monitor sensors’ state, manage sensors’ properties and dynamically update sensors’ execution.
  • Rifidi Application Management – Allows you to monitor application states, manage sensor/reader read zones, and update both out-of-the-box business solutions and custom (via SDK) Rifidi sensor/IoT device properties, providing the foundation for a Rifidi Application marketplace.

Enterprise RifidiI®  Management Dashboard



Transcends constantly improves, updates and enhances our robust, open source Rifidi product to better meet users’ needs. Candidate features for our next release, based on feedback from clients, community, projects, forums, collaborations and partnerships, include the following.

  • Floor plan/Google Map sensor management dashboard
  • Integration with visualizations/dashboards/analytic tools
  • Pure configurable Rifidi Apps (no coding required)
  • Rifidi App marketplace
  • Rifidi App provisioning enabled via OSGi P2 infrastructure
  • Support for other Java IDEs such as NetBeans
  • Framework upgrades/additions (Spring, Maven and Provisioning)
  • Further security integration
  • Additional features based on suggestions from community

Accelerate your IoT adoption with RIFIDI®. Connect your RFID reader and sensor network. Analyze you sensor information in real-time and over time. Optimize your business processes. Integrate with the enterprise. Differentiate your products, solutions and organization. By utilizing the Power of RIFIDI®, the possibilities are boundless across many verticals (retail, healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, recreational) from global enterprises to local small and medium sized businesses.


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