Transcends Announces the RIFIDI Edge Platform 2.2 Release: RFID App Development Made Simple Leveraging the RIFIDI Platform

Transcends has release RIFIDI Edge Platform 2.2 to the public along with Product and Solutions Updates based on community, customer and partner feedback.

Here are the Key Highlights:

Product and Solution Updates (Includes improvements for any LLRP compliant readers, updated support for Motorola, Sirit and Alien devices, Handheld and Smartphone Adapter and RFID App Development Simplified)

  • RIFIDI Edge Platform  2.2 Release Notes
  • RIFIDI Platform – Rifidi Edge Server
  • Appliance – RIFIDI Pi Embedded Appliance (Retail – $595 USD)
  • Appliance – RIFIDI Box Appliance (Retail – $1,680 USD)
  • Solutions –  Smart Sensor UHF Gen2  (From $995 – $1,195 USD)
  • Business Solutions – Asset Tracking, Inventory Management, Inventory Control w/ Handheld User Interface – Pricing Available on Product Website
  • Transcends Product and Feature Comparison Matrix – Powered by RIFIDI- Excel Format PDF Format
  • Upcoming Product & Solutions Offerings: Additional Embedded Offerings, RIFIDI Edge 3.0 and Business Solutions in the Cloud (SaaS)
  • Follow us on Linkedin and Twitter
  • White Paper & Blog History
  • June 2013 – The Transcends Products & Solutions are Easy as 1-2-3
  • May 2013 – RFID Solutions – News Ways of Providing Value to Business and Consumers
  • March 2013 –RIFIDI Product Roadmap – The New Internet = People + Things = Internet Ecosystem
  • November 2012 – RIFIDIi 2.0 Major Release – Connecting the Inernet of Things with People
  • May 2012 – Leverage Transcends Global Maketplace
  • September 2011  – RFID, Recession, Globalization are crossing roads – With Challenges are Opportunuities
  • May 2011 – RIFIDI Edge Sever Scalability and Performance Benchmarks
  • December 2010 – Definition of a RFID Edge Server
Thank you for all the contributions and support.  We look forward to continue to work with the RFID Community to bring Innovative and High Business Value Solutions to the Market.
  • Transcends Product Development Team
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