Enabling Smarter Sensors

Whether your data originates from RFID, wifi, beacon or another sensor, Transcends has a solution for you. We have over 30 years of combined experience in RFID (radio frequency identification), including readers, other sensors and the Internet of Things to facilitate retail applications, manufacturing/work in progress, asset tracking and inventory management. This means we can help you achieve successful RFID implementations, providing business solutions that deliver a solid return on your investment.

Developing Smarter Applications

Transcends is the founder and long time contributor to Rifidi, the world’s most popular open source RFID software platform with over 85,000 downloads across 140 countries. Our mission is to make RFID implementation simple. We provide expert support for Rifidi while helping establish industry standards such as LLRP. We’ve been on the leading edge of this technology for a long time and we want to help you use it successfully.

Providing Simpler Solutions

Our significant enterprise level experience means we can also offer commercial products, training, consulting and solutions customized to fit your needs. Transcends delivers RFID and sensor-based software, easy to deploy appliances, simple integration with Salesforce and Amazon (AWS) platforms and business solutions for manufacturing, research and development, retail and industrial enterprises. We make the Internet of Things real, cost effective, practical and useful. Read our user stories to see how they compare to your situation, then contact us to discuss your needs.

Transcends: Enterprise-wide Expertise

The Transcends team has many years of corporate IT and enterprise-wide consulting experience that we apply to your unique challenges. If you are just starting to think about using RFID, and how the Internet of Things can help your business, we can guide you

The same RFID products, patterns and expertise can be applied not just to readers, but to other sensors like security cameras, WiFi and beacons. Integrate your sensor information with existing data from product catalogs, customer master files, analytics, consumer behavior or legacy systems.

If you are already reviewing commercial middleware products, interested in closed source or custom products, or considering whether a bundled product will suit your needs, we can help. Transcends offers a wide array of “out-of-the-box” products such as RFID-enabled servers and appliances to help you develop and implement successful RFID solutions.


We also offer training, consulting and related services to ensure a successful RFID implementation. At Transcends, we are experts at the Internet of Things and we are ready to help you implement this technology successfully. Contact Us for assistance in developing your strategy for the Internet of Things and bringing your idea to reality. Transcends offer a wide variety of consulting services to fit your needs.

  • Evaluate an idea using our five-step process. We can help you understand your goal, develop a possible solution and calculate your return on investment.
  • Develop a design, timeline and cost estimate. If you have a goal in mind like asset tracking, inventory management or ERP integration, we can capture and outline the project for you in less than an hour, using our proprietary template.
  • Finish your Rifidi project and bring the solution to market. We can help you leverage our software engineering expertise and our global marketplace to make it happen.
  • Support your global solution. We can provide a variety of support models, including business hours, extended hours and advanced support models.

Transcends: Caring About the Community

Transcends is the founder and lead contributor for the Rifidi Project – the world’s leading open source middleware platform. As long time active participants in the RFID open source community, we know the importance of quick, easy downloads and staying informed. If you already know what you’re looking for in a Rifidi product, or simply want the latest news from the open source community, this is the place for you.

Transcends: Keeping You Informed

We are the founders and lead contributors to Rifidi, but there’s much more to our participation in the RFID community. We blog regularly, contribute to forums and track press stories about RFID, sensors, Internet of Things, and more. Let us help you stay current on the latest thinking in the field.

Transcends: Helping Clients Succeed

While the technology is exciting and ever-changing, busy executives are more interested in what it can do for the bottom line. Basically, RFID and sensor technologies allow things to talk to other things – inventory, assets, manufacturing supplies and more – and to people. This enables your employees to know where a piece of equipment went, how many products are being produced, or what’s happening to your stock.

We can help you with enterprise-wide RFID and Internet of Things implementations for a variety of business uses, from manufacturing and work-in-progress, to asset tracking in research and development settings, to retail inventory management. Click on any case study here to see how RFID might apply to your situation, then contact us to discuss your RFID project.

  • Tool Crib/Asset Tracking

    Many manufacturing plants utilize expensive tools which are shared among numerous workers. Check in and check out of the tools might be regulated, but it is often unclear … READ MORE

  • Manufacturing/Industrial

    Monitoring the progress of a manufacturing process is essential for any factory. While some high-tech shops have sophisticated equipment … READ MORE

  • Retail

    Common concerns for retailers include out-of-stock items, someone unexpectedly taking multiple items off the shelf, or items leaving the building … READ MORE

  • Warehouse

    Increasing the level of process automation in warehouses often provides a competitive advantage. More automation increases productivity, workflow throughput … READ MORE

  • Research & Development

    R&D and high-tech companies often own large numbers of mobile assets which are utilized by hundreds, or thousands, of employees, and may be distributed … READ MORE

Transcends: Sharing Our Expertise

Transcends can help you accelerate your adoption of the Internet of Things with our RIFIDI® Platform. It enables you to connect your RFID reader and sensor network to analyze your sensor information in real-time, over time, as illustrated at left. This lets you optimize business processes and integrate them across the enterprise.

Transcends helps differentiate your products, solutions and organization. The power of RIFIDI® presents limitless possibilities across many verticals, from retail, healthcare and transportation to manufacturing, recreational and R&D. The software is highly customizable and suitable for global enterprises, yet can be scaled down for small and medium sized businesses.


Transcends: Your Partner in Implementation

Transcends provides an open-source RFID software platform, consulting services and support. We enable you to define an RFID idea, prototype the solution and turn the solution into reality – with a focus on your return on investment. We often partner with manufacturers, vendors and consultants to build RFID business solutions or to develop sensor based appliances and applications. Let us help you provide innovative solutions for your customers. Become a Transcends partner and a member of the growing Rifidi community. As a partner you receive:

            • Quarterly newsletter with Rifidi community updates
            • Early previews of Rifidi platform releases
            • Regular pipeline management meetings
            • Priority response to Rifidi forum posts and questions
            • Special pricing on reselling support
            • Development assistance for training and support models built around Rifidi
            • Access to Transcends engineers for scoping and high level architecture of your Rifidi-based solution
            • Promotion of your RFID business solutions on the Transcends website

Transcends: Providing Superior Support

Since 2011, Transcends’s mission has been to make implementation of RFID (radio frequency identification) simple. We believe any solution – whether using readers, sensors, WiFi, or beacons – should suit enterprise-wide needs and show a positive return on investment.

We are continuously improving our Rifidi software and we pride ourselves on our responsiveness. We believe a comprehensive RFID tool set should support rapid development cycles and simplify a developer’s task. This saves cost, accelerates implementation and improves the quality of the business solution.

Our Approach

Our vision is that RFID and sensors are capable of transforming the world around us. The key to these transformations is to keep the solutions simple, flexible and integrated. In more technical terms, solutions must be lightweight, extensible and interoperable. Either way, RFID creates value by providing business, life, social and commerce insights, in real-time and over time.

As the marketplace continues to evolve our solutions will continue to evolve with it, enabling organizations, corporations and consumers to stay ahead of the curve. To make all this happen we truly believe it takes collaboration, strong partnerships, open minds and hard work, with a focus on quality and excellence.

A key component of our approach is the open source community. Transcends is the founder and lead contributor for the Rifidi Project – the world’s most popular RFID middleware platform. We’ve been involved from the beginning. We live and breathe RFID, and it shows.

Contributions from universities and others in the RFID community enable us to deliver cutting edge technology and a wide range of experiences that add real business value. Our goal is to speed up successful adoption of RFID technologies. Transcends’ tools, support and open product architecture allow transparency, empowering our user community. Customers select us for ease of use, lower cost and the ability to implement simple RFID solutions within days.

Our Expertise

<p align="center">Markus</p>


Partner/Vice-President of Sales & Operations

Markus is a Partner and Vice President of Sales and Operations for Transcends. An accomplished information technology professional and manager, he has more than 30 years of information technology experience. Markus held a number of technical and management positions with Informix and several system integrators in Europe and the United States. His expertise is in focusing on enterprise-wide deployment of mission critical IT systems. His leadership has repeatedly produced successful, innovative solutions that provide his customers with competitive advantages.

As a co-founder of Transcends, Markus has more than ten years of experience in the RFID industry. He earned a Master of Science Degree and Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. His certifications include Enterprise Architecture and Project Management, and he is affiliated with the Object Management Group.

<p align="center">Brian</p>


Partner/Vice-President of Business Development & Product Management

Brian is a Partner and Vice President of Business Development and Product Management for Transcends. A consultant and program manager, he has 25 years of wide-ranging information technology experience. Brian held numerous technical and management positions with KeyBank, MetLife, BEA Systems, Aetna, Fidelity Investments, Cognizant and Bridgewater Associates. His expertise is in establishing strategy, setting direction and executing mission critical initiatives. Brian is highly effective and innovative in bridging the gap between business drivers and technology capabilities. He has cultivated performance-driven business, product and technical teams that delivered substantial productivity and efficiency gains.

As a co-founder of Transcends, Brian has more than ten years of experience in the RFID industry. He holds both an MBA and a Bachelor of Science degree in computer and electrical engineering. His certifications and affiliations include PMP, Six Sigma, Cisco (CCNA), CompTIA Security + and
Java Developer/Architecture.

<p align="center">Matthew</p>


Lead Developer

Matthew is the lead developer for Transcends. He has extensive experience in financial services (Reuters, Paychex) and in applying RFID technology to automotive, entertainment and retail enterprises. Matt is the overall technical lead at Transcends and for the Rifidi Platform. He has successfully implemented projects using scripting tools and advanced Java technologies. Matt has extensive User Interface and security implementation experience. He has played an essential role in several performance tuning projects throughout his career. Matt earned a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Rochester Institute of Technology. He is proficient in multiple technologies, including Java, OSGi, Spring and Esper.

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