Transcends’ Products & Solutions, As Easy as 1-2-3: Set Up, Configure, Verify

The Transcends Products & Solutions are Easy as 1-2-3. Through customer and community feedback we are now introducing a quick start guide across our products and solutions to lead you through Set Up, Configuration and Verification of a Production ready environment.

Here is where you can find the Rifidi Edge Quick Start Guide  – Setup, Configure & Verify  (Open Source and available to the public)

The same information is also available across all our products and solutions:

Transcends Product Stack


  • Appliance – Rifidii Box Appliance (Retail – $1,680 USD)
  • Solutions –  Smart Sensor UHF Gen2  (From $995 – $1,195 USD)
  • Business Solutions – Asset TrackingInventory ManagementInventory Control w/ Handheld User Interface – Pricing Available on Product Website
  • Events: Transcends Exhibiting Products, Solutions & Roadmap (Enterprise, Embedded Appliance, Business Solutions and Integration with Amazon Cloud @ The 4th Annual Auto-ID & Sensing Solutions Expo hosted by the MIT Enterprise Forum of Cambridge on Thursday June 13.
  •  Upcoming Product & Solutions Offerings:: Rifidi Edge 2.1.1, Additional Embedded Offerings, Rifidi 3.0 and Business Solutions in the Cloud (SaaS)
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RFID Solutions – New Ways of Providing Value to Business and Consumers

Back in 2009, we were traveling around the world @ universities, organizations and conferences discussing and building awareness around RFID, the business value and the impact to our lives..

Part of our presentation gave an example of how all this RFID reader data (via tags) would grow as businesses and consumers realized more value from the information.


Now 4 years later and recently participating in our 7th RFID Journal Live 2013 Event.

What do I see now that is different from 4 years ago supporting the above growth in information with the potential to yield tremendous business vale.

  • Tags – Many different types of tags, form factors, appliances and a price point that is moving towards ¼ of a cent by year end.
  • Readers – Hardware vendors are now focusing more on variations of readers – embedded, appliances, more granularity within a read zone. Plus globalization of suppliers continuing to lower the price and entry point for the end user.
  • Software – Only a few software vendors were at the event but there is consistent theme for such a need based on customers, partners and vendors we had a chance to speak with. Much of this is being driven by the growth in data and the need to make readers/sensors smarter (business rules, cloud, mobility integration points)
  • Solutions – You now see full hardened solutions in the market (medical cabinets, tool cribs) along with components and building blocks out of the box

These RFID industry trends build a compelling foundation for how the user stories, business cases and RFID data will grow over the next few years.

Making sense of all this information will be key and software, appliances and business solutions driven by sensors are enablers.

How the Rifidi Edge Building Blocks Create Value

  • Sensors/RFID Adapters – Connects sensors (readers/tags)
  • Event Filtering/Business Rules – Turns sensor events into meaningful business events
  • Communication (Web, Social Media, Mobile, ERP, Database, Legacy Systems)- Connects meaningful business events to enterprise and consumers

Rifidi Edge has built around common RFID/Sensor design patterns learned through experience, customers, community and observing market demand and trends.

The most basic is the pattern of defining when a tag/item/person has arrived and/or departed.

In speaking with clients who have looked at solving the design pattern on their own they quickly came to realize how challenging this can be. Within seconds one can rapidly have megabytes of tag read data without making sense of all the information by translating into meaning full business events such as a item has arrived or departed.

Now take the same scenario above and multiply by the number of read zones you are planning times the number of locations and so on. Lots of potential interesting data but without solutions including Edge software you are missing the meaningful business events.

Where can you go from here?

The sensor design patterns can be applied to common business solutions. Such business solutions Transcends Powered By Rifidi can address today include:

  • Asset Tracking (Traceability)
  • Inventory Control (Automation an order fulfillment process )
  • Inventory Management (Stock Out, Fraud Detection, Where Is It)

Using the Rifidi Edge building blocks one is able to seamlessly connect numerous sensors to businesses and consumers by making sense of the information leveraging these design patterns.

As Transcends and the Rifidi community continue to discover more patterns within new business areas and markets you can continue to grow with the Rifidi platform

The use case pictured below (from our 2009 presentations) is now a reality with the Rifidi Edge Platform , Transcend Business Solutions and Enterprise to Embeded Rifidi Appliances

Learn more about how you can benefit from the Transcends Product Roadmap


Transcends Announces Rifidi Edge 2.1, Product & Solution Updates

Transcends has release Rifidi Edge 2.1 to the public along with Product and Solutions Updates based on community, customer and partner feedback.

Here are the Key Highlights:

Product and Solution Updates (includes Integration to Cloud, Databases, JMS, Social Media+ Customized Business Rules + Full Support for many of the popular RFID Readers/Sensors in the Market)

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Thank you for all the contributions and support.  We look forward to continue to work with the RFID Community to bring Innovative and High Business Value Solutions to the Market.

Transcends Product Development Team

The New Internet: People + Things = Internet Ecosystem

There has been much discussion as of late on what the Internet of Things (IoT) means and how does it impact and relate to the world we live in. The way I see it is IoT is an important aspect to the overall Internet Ecosystem and is and will continue to play a key role in how will evolve as a society.  There are many social challenges and responsibility topics at debate here but the focus of the blog is what is and what could be and not what is socially good or bad for society.

IoT is basically the concept of machines (such as devices, appliances, phones etc..) interacting with each other leveraging the internet as a means of communication. The term that is being used in the industry to refer to such interactions is M2M (Machine to Machine).

An example in our everyday life where such an interaction plays a part is in an automobile alerts the driver another car is approaching while attempting to switch lanes. This could be extended to collecting these events to gain a perspective for an insurance company on the safety rating/insurability of the driver.

How does IoT fit into the overall picture?

I’ll start with a diagram of my perspective of the key building blocks within the Internet Ecosystem.



Building Blocks:

Points of Interaction is where the world interacts with the ecosystem. Web and Mobility are two very popular means on interacting but this could be extended into applications, call centers, IVR/VRU etc. These POIs occur via device and /or human interfaces.


Social interactions is the various categories of interactions taking place within the Internet Ecosystem.

  • Life  – Health, finances, diet, household events
  • Commerce – Buys/Selling, business operation events
  • Networking – Idea sharing, connection with others, self-expression events

Infrastructure is the bases and platform for how the Internet Ecosystem’s will exist, gather resources and be supported

Big Data and Analytics are key building blocks for how data will be aggregated and analyzed necessary to make real time and/or long term decisions.

Security is focused on protecting an identity within the ecosystem throughout these interactions/events ensuring the appropriate level of authentication, authorization and auditing.

Monitoring is used to measure the vital signs across these events ensuring no fraudulent behavior and thresholds are being met.

The Center depicts the ways these interactions can occur from Person to Person, machine to machine and machine to person.


So what role do sensors/RFID potentially play?

The way I have seen this evolve is sensors/rfid provide the skin, nerve endings and central nervous system to the Ecosystem.  To put into everyday life as Sensors (which are already around us – cameras, phones, scanners etc..) and RFID grows we are essentially expanding upon our abilities to gain a better sense of the social interactions taking place around us. For example, a store  could benefit by being able to have a better understanding of a consumers behavior across all points of interaction (mobility, web store front, call center, IVR) and be able to react to the consumer’s needs in a more effective way both real time and over the life of the relationship with the consumer

Transcends Newsletter Spring 2013

“Connecting the Internet of Things with People Delivering Smart Sensors. Smarter Applications. Simpler Solutions”

Since the Rifidi 2.0 Major release in November 2012, Transcends has been involved in many implementations, received great client + partner feedback and developed some new products.

Here are the Key Highlights:

User Stories (across verticals/markets) – Here are some user stories based on real life implementations, scenarios and business challenges we have been faced with over the years mapping to our products.

Reference Implementations – Transcends Product and Solution Reference Implementations

Transcends Powered by Rifidi Products available for online purchase (Stand alone or RFID Bundles) @

New Partner and Client Announcements – Thinkify (Hardware),Two Technologies (Hardware), Sniper Action Photo (Client – Product Company/Reseller)

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Events – Transcends will be attending the RFID Journal Live Event in Orlando, FL (4/30-5/2). Any one who would like to meet with us pleasereach out to schedule a meeting or connect with us (Brian Pause – [email protected] , VP of  Business and Product Development) on the RFIDConnect Portal. We look forward to meeting with you in person.

Note: We have been receiving many requests to meet face to face since our November release so we are targeting a mix and mingle event @ the RFID Journal Live Event Wednesday evening May 1 (More details to come here)

New Products and Services

Next Release of Riifid Edge 2.1 coming Spring 2013

Appliance – Rifidi 2.x Pi Embedded Appliance (Retail – $595 USD)- running Rifidi 2.1 Embedded Version with Out of the Box Integration to Cloud/Social media/Databases

Appliance – Rifidii 2.x Box Applaince (Retail – $1,680 USD) – Updated to Rifidi 2.1 Edge

Solutions –  Smart Sensor UHF Gen2 (From $995 – $1,195 USD)- End to End Smart Sensor UHF Gen2 Solution – Plug in, Configure, Capture and Publish your UHF Gen2 Info to the Cloud, Social Media and/or Database

Solutions – Sensor Business Solutions (Click Link for Pricing)  – Asset Tracking, Inventory Management, Inventory Control w/ Handheld User Interface (UI) – Updated to Rifidi 2.1 Edge

Support-  Rifidi 2.x Edge Embedded Support and Services – Smart Sensors. Smarter Applications. Smarter Solutions. All the Power of Middleware Optimized for Embedded Solutions.

Support – Rifidi 2.x Edge Server Support and Services – TraditionalRifidi Edge Server Support Models.

Thank you for all the contributions and support.  We look forward to continue to work with the RFID Community to bring Innovative and Business Value Solutions to the Market.

Transcends Product Development Team

Rifidi 2.0 Major Public Release – Bridging the Internet of Things with Internet of People

“Bridging the Internet of Things (RFID/Sensors/Bar Code) with the Internet of People (Web, Cloud, Social Media, Mobility) Enabling Smart Applications. Smarter Sensors. Simpler Solutions”

Transcends is announcing the Rifidi 2.0 Major Public Release with the goal of providing the foundation for “Bridging the Internet of Things with the Internet of People”. The release was made possible through numerous client implementations, the Rifidi opensource community feedback, surveys, forums and our dedicated Global engineering team.

The release now positions Transcends and the community to bring new innovative sensor business solutions, appliances and smart devices to the marketplace through integration with how businesses, consumers and clients interact in today’s market (Web, Cloud, Social media, Mobility).  Through utilizing the Power of Rifidi, the possibilities are boundless across many verticals (Retail, Health Care, Transportation, Aerospace etc..) for the  types of solutions, products and services that will emerge meeting the needs from the Global Enterprise to the Local Small and Medium Size Business.

Highlights in the Release

New Products and Services

  • Services – Sensor Data Integration Services – Looking to Integrate Your Sensor Information with Existing Data (Product Catalog, Customer Master Data, Analytics, Consumer Behavior, Legacy Data)
  • Support-  Rifidi 2.0 Edge Embedded Support and Services – Smarter Sensors. Smarter Devices. Smarter Solutions. All the Power of Middleware Optimized for Embedded Solutions.
  • Support – Rifidi 2.0 Edge Server Support and Services – Traditional Full Rifidi Edge Server Support Models.

Thank you for all the contributions and support.  We look forward to continue to work with the RFID Community to bring Innovative and Busines Value Solutions to the Market.

Transcends Product Development Team

Transcends, Product Roadmap Goal and Value Proposition

Since our beginning of being involved in the RFID industry 7 years ago we have been focused on one common goal:

To enable the global marketplace to have equal access to RFID by providing a open source RFID software development platform (Rifidi).

By staying focused on this goal we have been able to achieve building a thriving community,

Through the community approaching us with many ideas and business problems we have been able to play the role of being in the middle of working with many players in the industry (Hardware Manufactures, Educators, System Integrators, Software and End Users).

As from our perspective, these interactions only continue to grow as end user awareness builds (press, articles, word of mouth and see as part of everyday life)  and RFID Manufactures and Integrators are realizing more and more the importance of simple and high value solutions.

So what is our value proposition though all this:

1) Continue to work with the community to evolve the Rifidi Platform relevant to the market’s needs

2)  Connect ideas leveraging the RFID mind-share we and ourpartners have developed over many years working together.

3) Focus on lightweight and lean development of these ideas (quick wins to markets with building blocks towards the future)

4) Ultimately our goal with Rifidi Edge (one of the key components to the Rifidi Platform) is to be the bridge for the Internet of thingsto the Internet of people..

5) Being a bridge between these worlds means we provide ways to filter and make sense of the information, develop common RFID business solutions (asset tracking, inventory control, inventory management) and integrate with the world we all live in (Internet, mobile, cloud and social media)

6) Provide appliances to be able deliver the Rifidi Platform in a low cost high quality manner based on the way you need to deploy your solution (Industrial, Outdoors, Commercial, Retail and coming soon is an embedded appliance solution – RaspberryPi)

Learn About Transcends’ Partner Program, Rifidi Appliance, Products and Service Offering Pricing

Though our surveys and customer conversations you have asked for Transcends Partner Programs, Product, Solution and Service Offerings Powered by Rifidi – Lower your TCO of your RFID Solution

Transcends Partner Program – Reseller Pricing Benefits,  Offer your Services to the Rifidi Marketplace, Powered by Rifidi Solution Branding  + much more

Product Offerings – Rifidi Box Appliance w/ Pricing

Solution Offerings – Rifidi Box Appliance buindled with Business Solutions w/ Pricing

Service Offerings – Consulting, Support and Training

Leverage Transcends Global Marketplace: 5 Ways to Bring Your RFID/Sensor Solution to Life

I personally would like to reach out to you on how you can leveage the Transcends Global Marketplace to bring your RFID/Sensor solution to the market. Since we have been involved in the RFID industry for over 7 years  we have been in the middle of helping the marketplace and adoption grow globally now approaching the 60,000 download mark of the Rifidi Platform. Because of these experiences, building relationships globally across verticles/hortizonals, ensuring RFID software and solutions are accessible to all and now the state of the RFID industry being at a tipping point of adoption we have established several services offerings:

1) Solutioning: Have a idea? We have a solution offering taking you through a 5-step process of understanding your goal to calulating your ROI

2) Consulting – Use Case: Already have a use case in mind such as a asset tracking, inventory management or social media scenarios. We have a use case template where in a 30 – 60 minute session we can capture the concept and provide you with an design, timeline and cost estimate.

3) Consulting – Finish the Swing: Have u been working with Rifidi and just need help taking the solution to the finish line in order to bring to the market? Leverage the Transcends Global marketplace and software engineering expertise to bring to reality.

4) Sensor Appliance: Looking for a low cost device already bundle with Rifidi Edge + Support. We have several offeriings here based on the durability, environment and scability needs of your solution.

5) Support: Once you have delivered the solution we offer several global support models 9×5, 12×7, base, advanced support models

To be clear , all of the above can be used in combination, require minimal time to evaluated what makes sense based on your needs (One phone call, couple emails, over Skype) and all leverage our Global Marketplace pricing and resourcing models.

Contact Us if any of the above offerings catch your interest and where you feel Transcends Powered by Rifidi can best address your RFID/Sensor solution needs.

Transcends Rifidi Edge Planning – Community Requirements

We are currently planning the next major release of Rifidi Edge 2.0. A big part of how we decided to evolve the Rifidi Platform comes from the community through the numerous emails, conferences, brainstorming sessions, forums, surveys and most importantly through your ideas,

Over the past few months, using these channels of communications, we have come up with some potential candidate features in the next major release but would like your input.

Here is a link to a survey containing 6 questions which should take no more the a few minutes to complete.

Thank you.

The Rifidfi Product Development Team