Transcends’ Summer 2014 Newsletter. RIFIDI® Edge 3.1 Coming Soon

Transcends is currently developing RIFIDI® Edge 3.1 along with Product and Solutions Updates based on community, customer and partner feedback.

The High Level Goals are to provide a richer interface and ease of use for managing sensors/reader devices and RIFIDI applications.

Target Release: Fall 2014

RIFIDI® Edge 3.1 Candidate Features: (Click here to nominate features and provide feedback on the RIFIDI roadmap )

  • Core Framework Upgrades (Esper 5.x – Event Processing Engine,)
  • Integration with Rifidi Edge API through Restful Services (such as add/remove/start/stop//update reader/senor(s) )
  • Provision Rifidi applications / plugins from remote / cloud repositories (leveraging OSGi P2 Repositories as foundation for a RFID/Sensor Application Market Place)
  • Richer device management interface such as integration with Google maps / floor plan layouts
  • Richer SDK Interface for developing Sensor Adapters, Rifidi applications and Rifidi services
  • Develop Rifidi applications on other IDEs (in addition to Eclipse such as NetBeans)
  • Include custom LLRP tag report information in generic way
  • Convergence Systems Limited (CSL) Reader support
  • Java 64 bit support
  • Primary / secondary node failover support
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