Transcends, Product Roadmap Goal and Value Proposition

Since our beginning of being involved in the RFID industry 7 years ago we have been focused on one common goal:

To enable the global marketplace to have equal access to RFID by providing a open source RFID software development platform (Rifidi).

By staying focused on this goal we have been able to achieve building a thriving community,

Through the community approaching us with many ideas and business problems we have been able to play the role of being in the middle of working with many players in the industry (Hardware Manufactures, Educators, System Integrators, Software and End Users).

As from our perspective, these interactions only continue to grow as end user awareness builds (press, articles, word of mouth and see as part of everyday life)  and RFID Manufactures and Integrators are realizing more and more the importance of simple and high value solutions.

So what is our value proposition though all this:

1) Continue to work with the community to evolve the Rifidi Platform relevant to the market’s needs

2)  Connect ideas leveraging the RFID mind-share we and ourpartners have developed over many years working together.

3) Focus on lightweight and lean development of these ideas (quick wins to markets with building blocks towards the future)

4) Ultimately our goal with Rifidi Edge (one of the key components to the Rifidi Platform) is to be the bridge for the Internet of thingsto the Internet of people..

5) Being a bridge between these worlds means we provide ways to filter and make sense of the information, develop common RFID business solutions (asset tracking, inventory control, inventory management) and integrate with the world we all live in (Internet, mobile, cloud and social media)

6) Provide appliances to be able deliver the Rifidi Platform in a low cost high quality manner based on the way you need to deploy your solution (Industrial, Outdoors, Commercial, Retail and coming soon is an embedded appliance solution – RaspberryPi)

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