Rifidi 2.0 Major Public Release – Bridging the Internet of Things with Internet of People

“Bridging the Internet of Things (RFID/Sensors/Bar Code) with the Internet of People (Web, Cloud, Social Media, Mobility) Enabling Smart Applications. Smarter Sensors. Simpler Solutions”

Transcends is announcing the Rifidi 2.0 Major Public Release with the goal of providing the foundation for “Bridging the Internet of Things with the Internet of People”. The release was made possible through numerous client implementations, the Rifidi opensource community feedback, surveys, forums and our dedicated Global engineering team.

The release now positions Transcends and the community to bring new innovative sensor business solutions, appliances and smart devices to the marketplace through integration with how businesses, consumers and clients interact in today’s market (Web, Cloud, Social media, Mobility).  Through utilizing the Power of Rifidi, the possibilities are boundless across many verticals (Retail, Health Care, Transportation, Aerospace etc..) for the  types of solutions, products and services that will emerge meeting the needs from the Global Enterprise to the Local Small and Medium Size Business.

Highlights in the Release

New Products and Services

  • Services – Sensor Data Integration Services – Looking to Integrate Your Sensor Information with Existing Data (Product Catalog, Customer Master Data, Analytics, Consumer Behavior, Legacy Data)
  • Support-  Rifidi 2.0 Edge Embedded Support and Services – Smarter Sensors. Smarter Devices. Smarter Solutions. All the Power of Middleware Optimized for Embedded Solutions.
  • Support – Rifidi 2.0 Edge Server Support and Services – Traditional Full Rifidi Edge Server Support Models.

Thank you for all the contributions and support.  We look forward to continue to work with the RFID Community to bring Innovative and Busines Value Solutions to the Market.

Transcends Product Development Team

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