Transcends Announces Update to Rifidi Edge Server 1.3.1

What’s new:

Transcends Now Offers Extended Rifidi Consulting and Support for your
Solution –  Our Team and Partner Community can help…

  • Looking to prepare a Demostration/prototype of you hardware and need a richer solution
  • Want to turn your idea into a Business Solution you can bring to the Global marketplce
  • Have a business problem and need to effectively turn around an implementation leveraging the Rifidi Open Source Community

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Transcends Announces Rifidi Edge Server 1.3.1 Public Release Global Leader
in RFID Open Source Solutions.

Many of the features released here were based on input from the Rifidi
Forums Community – The Rifidi Support team Thanks You and Asks for You to
Keep the Feedback Coming!!

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The Rifidi Edge 1.3.1 Release includes improvements to the LLRP Support
(GPIO and Increased Performance)

Complete 1.3.1 Release  Notes –

Download Rifidi Edge 1.3.1 Latest Version –

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