Transcends Announces Rifidi Edge Integration with Cloud Computing and Social Media

Transcends now delivers to the Rifidi Community integration with Cloud and Social Media Jumpstarting your Sensor Solutions

Through numerous responses to our Rifidi Product Roadmap Survey we have delivered several jumpstarts for your Sensor based Solutions:

Rifidi Edge Social Media Integration Jumpstart

Rifidi Edge Cloud Computing Integration Jumpstart

Rifidi Edge Database Integration Jumpstart + example application

As the Rifidi Community continues to grow and the Industry Leading Open Source Platforms Rifidi is built on evolves (Spring – Application Framework, Esper – Sensor Event Engine, Eclipse – IDE, OSGI – Lightweight Middleware Container capable of running on a device as small as the Rasberry PI) Transcends is enabled to bring more powerful Soluitions to market lowering the overall TCO for everyone envolved.  Come learn about the Transcends Powered by Rifidi

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