The Art of Turning an Idea Into a Solution in an Emerging Market

The challenge many are faced with when new technologies emerge in the market place is always centered around how to use the technology to solve a business problem, demonstrate this to a business sponsor within a limited budget, where to acquire or build the skill set and what technology to use. Many times because the fact a technology is emerging  there are a limited number of experiences in the market place to leverage,  limited selection, proprietary, difficult to access  and the question on how stable, flexible, scalable, viable and cost effective is the technology needs to be answered.

The approach to be taken is very much a art form. Just like painting a picture there are many perspectives, techniques and potential outcomes with not just one being correct. The key is to enable the creative spirit but as a group converge upon a answer that leverages each members unique skill set and create a solution which makes a statement having impact. When a new technology comes about such as the personal computer, internet, smart phones and RFID alike there are many ideas on how this technology can be applied to solve existing business challenges, create new business opportunities and revolutionize our society. The keys to enabling an emerging market to be success is to make adoption of and access to the technology as simple and seamless as possible, provide a forum where people can collaborate on their innovative ideas, rapidly demonstrate the power of the technology to bring a solution to life and most importantly provide business value where all in community can benefit from the overall capital return (intellectual, monetary, partnerships, impact on society….).

Pramari has been focused on these principles for over 5 years now by being the key sponsor’s of Rifidi. During this period of time we have seen many ideas evolve now into pilot and production systems where the business is beginning to see value. We are seeing the realization of the importance of bringing solutions to the market place rapidly and as a collaborative effort. This is typical in a emerging market place where there are many companies each with their core competencies that need to work closely together to deliver a solution.

For those who are attending the RFID Journal Live 2011 Event in Orlando, FL April 12-14 feel free to stop by the Pramari Powered by Rifidi booth # 242 and Argo Wireless booth # 449 to see a couple examples of production solutions brought to life through a collaborative effort powered by the Rifidi Open Source RFID platform. These solutions will demonstrate how the Rifidi community can work with you to bring your idea for a sensor based RFID business solution to life.

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