Leverage Transcends Global Marketplace: 5 Ways to Bring Your RFID/Sensor Solution to Life

I personally would like to reach out to you on how you can leveage the Transcends Global Marketplace to bring your RFID/Sensor solution to the market. Since we have been involved in the RFID industry for over 7 years  we have been in the middle of helping the marketplace and adoption grow globally now approaching the 60,000 download mark of the Rifidi Platform. Because of these experiences, building relationships globally across verticles/hortizonals, ensuring RFID software and solutions are accessible to all and now the state of the RFID industry being at a tipping point of adoption we have established several services offerings:

1) Solutioning: Have a idea? We have a solution offering taking you through a 5-step process of understanding your goal to calulating your ROI

2) Consulting – Use Case: Already have a use case in mind such as a asset tracking, inventory management or social media scenarios. We have a use case template where in a 30 – 60 minute session we can capture the concept and provide you with an design, timeline and cost estimate.

3) Consulting – Finish the Swing: Have u been working with Rifidi and just need help taking the solution to the finish line in order to bring to the market? Leverage the Transcends Global marketplace and software engineering expertise to bring to reality.

4) Sensor Appliance: Looking for a low cost device already bundle with Rifidi Edge + Support. We have several offeriings here based on the durability, environment and scability needs of your solution.

5) Support: Once you have delivered the solution we offer several global support models 9×5, 12×7, base, advanced support models

To be clear , all of the above can be used in combination, require minimal time to evaluated what makes sense based on your needs (One phone call, couple emails, over Skype) and all leverage our Global Marketplace pricing and resourcing models.

Contact Us if any of the above offerings catch your interest and where you feel Transcends Powered by Rifidi can best address your RFID/Sensor solution needs.

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