RFID Solutions – New Ways of Providing Value to Business and Consumers

Back in 2009, we were traveling around the world @ universities, organizations and conferences discussing and building awareness around RFID, the business value and the impact to our lives..

Part of our presentation gave an example of how all this RFID reader data (via tags) would grow as businesses and consumers realized more value from the information.


Now 4 years later and recently participating in our 7th RFID Journal Live 2013 Event.

What do I see now that is different from 4 years ago supporting the above growth in information with the potential to yield tremendous business vale.

  • Tags – Many different types of tags, form factors, appliances and a price point that is moving towards ¼ of a cent by year end.
  • Readers – Hardware vendors are now focusing more on variations of readers – embedded, appliances, more granularity within a read zone. Plus globalization of suppliers continuing to lower the price and entry point for the end user.
  • Software – Only a few software vendors were at the event but there is consistent theme for such a need based on customers, partners and vendors we had a chance to speak with. Much of this is being driven by the growth in data and the need to make readers/sensors smarter (business rules, cloud, mobility integration points)
  • Solutions – You now see full hardened solutions in the market (medical cabinets, tool cribs) along with components and building blocks out of the box

These RFID industry trends build a compelling foundation for how the user stories, business cases and RFID data will grow over the next few years.

Making sense of all this information will be key and software, appliances and business solutions driven by sensors are enablers.

How the Rifidi Edge Building Blocks Create Value

  • Sensors/RFID Adapters – Connects sensors (readers/tags)
  • Event Filtering/Business Rules – Turns sensor events into meaningful business events
  • Communication (Web, Social Media, Mobile, ERP, Database, Legacy Systems)- Connects meaningful business events to enterprise and consumers

Rifidi Edge has built around common RFID/Sensor design patterns learned through experience, customers, community and observing market demand and trends.

The most basic is the pattern of defining when a tag/item/person has arrived and/or departed.

In speaking with clients who have looked at solving the design pattern on their own they quickly came to realize how challenging this can be. Within seconds one can rapidly have megabytes of tag read data without making sense of all the information by translating into meaning full business events such as a item has arrived or departed.

Now take the same scenario above and multiply by the number of read zones you are planning times the number of locations and so on. Lots of potential interesting data but without solutions including Edge software you are missing the meaningful business events.

Where can you go from here?

The sensor design patterns can be applied to common business solutions. Such business solutions Transcends Powered By Rifidi can address today include:

  • Asset Tracking (Traceability)
  • Inventory Control (Automation an order fulfillment process )
  • Inventory Management (Stock Out, Fraud Detection, Where Is It)

Using the Rifidi Edge building blocks one is able to seamlessly connect numerous sensors to businesses and consumers by making sense of the information leveraging these design patterns.

As Transcends and the Rifidi community continue to discover more patterns within new business areas and markets you can continue to grow with the Rifidi platform

The use case pictured below (from our 2009 presentations) is now a reality with the Rifidi Edge Platform , Transcend Business Solutions and Enterprise to Embeded Rifidi Appliances

Learn more about how you can benefit from the Transcends Product Roadmap


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