RetailStore-2Common concerns for retailers include out-of-stock items, someone unexpectedly taking multiple items off the shelf, or items leaving the building that have not gone through a check out register. These situations are challenging because retailers typically don’t know where merchandise is if, for instance, a customer took it off a rack or a shelf and left it somewhere else in the store. Clerks try to restock often, but this can leave the store temporarily without inventory – even if the items are in the stock room. Letting customers leave without their desired purchase is a major concern, since online retailers offer product availability information in real-time.

Transcends’ inventory management solution uses fixed readers and rules to monitor products in real-time and let clerks search for missing items using RFID handhelds. The system alerts management when item counts fall below a specified threshold, too many products are removed in a short period of time, or something goes through an exit without passing through a check out register. Contact us to discuss minimizing inventory losses, improving customer satisfaction and increasing sales.