Manufacturing-plantworkinprogress-2Monitoring the progress of a manufacturing process is essential for any factory. While some high-tech shops have sophisticated equipment recording every step of the process, many plants also rely on human interaction to move goods from one station to the next. Goods might sit too long at one station, or be erroneously routed backwards or to a wrong station. This not only delays production, it creates unnecessary costs as workers waste time searching for goods.

Transcends developed WIP (work-in-progress) monitoring that uses a sophisticated rule-based system to monitor movement of goods. It records the stations where an item is seen, then alerts a supervisor when an item has been sitting at a station for too long or is routed to the wrong station. The system can tell when a station is overloaded or underutilized, and it also fulfills auditing requirements. Contact us to learn how we can help you achieve similar efficiencies.