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RFID Middleware: Build vs. Buy

Early on in any IT project architects need to decide which software
products best solve their business problems. “Build versus Buy”, and if
“Buy” what are the best and most efficient products. In principal any IT
problem could be solved and coded using even Assemblers. In the early
90s, people used C/C++ for their early internet systems. Yes, no […]

Is RFID Finally Hitting the Masses?

By Juan Carlos Ramírez (IDLink Solutions) As an RFID entrepreneur I’ve followed closely probably all of the RFID and sensor technologies in the last 3 years of my life. Being part of this exciting emerging technology makes you think about how “smart” things and objects will change the world and the way we live our […]

Dataflow and the Rifidi Edge Server

This is the first in a series of blog posts that give a technical overview of the architecture of the Rifidi Edge Server. The most basic (and important) function of the Rifidi Edge Server is to collect data from sensors, filter them, and deliver them to systems that use the data for business processes.  This […]

What’s in a Name?

Going into the RFID Journal Live trade show, I assumed that I had spent the past eight to ten months of my life developing an edge server — a piece of middleware that connects to RFID readers, collects data from them, filters the data, and pushes the data up to a higher level business application. […]